Sanita Soft Liners 16 cm

sanita แซนนิต้า liners แผ่นอนามัย SoftLiner 20-40ps
sanita แซนนิต้า liners แผ่นอนามัย Soft Liner-20-40ps



Before / After Period (Daily Use)

Contain 4 pads

Contain 8 pads

Sanita Soft Liners 16 cm

Standard Liners • Before / After Period (Daily Use)

Breathable Back Sheet

expels moisture to avoid smell and bacterial built up,keeping you clean and fresh all day.

Air-Through Surface

allows air to circulate, makes you feel dry and soft without irritating your skin.

Curves Shape
Leak Guard

for natural fit and more comfortable. Ensures all round protection against leakage.

Airlaid Absorbent Sheet

fits and freely flexes all body movement, provides quicker absorption and traps fluid inside to keep your skin dry.


Peel off the release paper and stick the pad to underwear.
For good hygiene, should be changed sanitary napkins every 3-4 hours


sanita แซนนิต้า sanitary pads ผ้าอนามัย ic sanitary not toilet  Do not dispose wipesinto toilet system.